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Hurricane Doors With Impact Resistance Are The Answer

Our Hurricane Doors Provide Protection And Beauty. Hurricane doors come in a wide variety of styles. They offer protection and an attractive entrance to your home or business. These impact-resistant doors are available in many sizes and configurations for any new or existing structure.    Made for everyday use, our hurricane doors in South Florida […]

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How We Provide Quality Hurricane Solutions in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’ve been living in Fort Lauderdale for a year or for a decade, you know the damage that comes from hurricanes can be extensive. If you’re looking for a way to protect both your family and your home from hurricanes and tropical storms, then consider installing stormproof windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale.    […]

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Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale 101: What You Need to Know

Hurricane season is among us, and that means that it’s time to consider your hurricane protection. Even when a hurricane or tropical storm is not on the way, it’s always good to get prepared. Often, these storms change paths last-minute and sneak upon us.    One way to ensure you are always ready for any […]

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How Your Windows and Doors Can Protect You This Hurricane Season

As hurricane season fastly approaches, many people are wondering if their windows and doors secure enough to weather the storm.   At LockTight Impact Windows and Doors, we offer Impact Glass Windows and Doors in Fort Lauderdale to protect your home against hurricanes. When it comes to hurricane windows and doors, there is a standard […]

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Having Impact Windows

Hurricane season is different every year, making it hard for Florida residents to know how to prepare. Some years, you may need extra protection and shop around for supplies. Other times, you might only need to bring outdoor furniture inside for harsh winds from a tropical storm.    However, regardless of how the hurricane season […]

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When Is It Time to Call a Window Installer in Fort Lauderdale?

Are you remodeling your home? Are you building a space from scratch? If so, you might be considering repairing or replacing your windows. There are few structural elements that truly make a big difference in terms of aesthetics. Windows are definitely one of them!    Windows tell a story about the property. Just by looking […]

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Your Next Home Investment Should Be Impact Windows and Here’s Why!

When it comes to protecting your family, you need to ensure you have the best material to withstand all Mother Nature has to throw at you. During a tropical storm or hurricane, your home may be susceptible to debris thrown by heavy winds. If your windows and doors aren’t stormproof, you may be in big […]

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Protect Your Home with Windows from CGI Impact Glass

Living in Fort Lauderdale, hurricane season can be a hectic and stressful time. Your home or office may experience heavy winds that throw debris in every direction making your home a target for damage. Many traditional windows are made with glass that can shatter easily and leave your property susceptible to more damages and safety […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Custom Window Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

One of LockTight Impact Windows & Doors’ top products are windows from Custom Windows Systems. Living on the East Coast, your property deserves valued protection and we can help you get it. Custom Windows Systems proudly innovates and introduces high-quality windows and doors using the most advanced technology and engineering. With a window or door […]

Impact Doors and Windows, Fort Lauderdale, FL |Hurricane Windows and Doors| Impact Glass Windows

Impact Doors and Windows is a Smart Affordable Investment in Fort Lauderdale

We had a mild storm season this year in Fort Lauderdale, but the weather can be unpredictable in South Florida, as we know. We can experience a hotbed of storm activity one year and a quiet reprieve the next. Why take that chance? Put your family’s safety first, and make sure to protect your most […]

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Impact Resistant Glass can Help Protect Your Fort Lauderdale Home in the Event of a Hurricane

 As hurricane season draws to a close, now is the perfect time to install impact-resistant glass in Fort Lauderdale so that you will be more than ready for next season. Thankfully updating building codes for hurricane protection became mandatory for all new homes and businesses after South Florida experienced devastating losses from Hurricane Andrew in […]