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Reasons Your Home Needs an Impact-Resistant Garage Door

Winds, rain and flying debris can all cause damage to your property. As the main entrance to your house, it is important that your garage door is hurricane-rated and ready to withstand ANY STORM! In order to qualify, these garage doors, also known as Wind or Impact Rated, must be able to endure high winds and pressure.  Garage doors must have the ability to withstand up to 350 pounds of impact in some coastal locations, according to the Florida Building Code. Specific regulations may differ depending on where you are in the state. The good news is that many Impact Rated garage doors will provide more wind protection than your house requires. Keep reading to find out the reasons your home needs an impact-resistant garage door. 

Buckle Failure 

During strong winds, the air pressure on the garage door might begin to push it inward. This might eventually cause the door to buckle and fail. Even if it does not entirely fail, severe damage to the door may occur, prompting its replacement.

Lower Insurance Premium 

Homes in storm-prone locations typically have insurance premiums that are way too high. However, a number of enhancements and other security measures can assist lowered rates. One such method is to install hurricane-rated garage doors that are free of all insurance.

Because these are made of high-quality materials, the dangers of damage and accidents are reduced. As a result, you will not have to pay for large insurance claims.

Largest Entryway To Your Home 

Because your garage door is generally the largest entryway in your home, it is one of the most susceptible places. When your garage door is damaged during a storm, the damage to your house is far more likely to be worse. If your street floods, a broken garage door may allow water to enter your home. 

Furthermore, if your garage door is damaged, you are more likely to lose your entire roof. When the wind enters your garage, tremendous pressures may blow upward, separating it from the framework of your home. When you safeguard your windows and doors but not your garage door, you endanger your entire home.

Why Are Hurricane Garage Doors Beneficial 

Garage doors that are hurricane-proof help keep your house secure and unharmed. As a result, your family will not have to worry about losing belongings or incurring pricey damages. In addition, if you install a garage door that surpasses the statutory rating, your insurance company will most likely reward you. 

Many insurance companies provide cheaper rates to homeowners who better secure their house’s structure — you’ll protect your property while saving money! With hurricane-rated doors, you can keep your entire family and house safe! 

We’ve all experienced the rush and pandemonium that occurs just before a storm strikes. Before you begin, be certain that your garage door is ready to secure your property. Contact  LockTight for a consultation today! If you enjoyed this article about reasons your home needs an impact-resistant garage door read more on our blog.


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  1. Such an informative post that everyone should know and consider. It really depends on the situation and on a case-to-case basis. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Melanie Edjourian

    With the weather having gotten worse each year I totally agree. This is something that I need to look to get for my parent’s home. I wasn’t aware there were hurricane-proof doors garage doors. Great find!!!

  3. I know little about home and what are those that need to be fixed and the whatnots. Indeed this is such as great read and I learn something new. Will definitely need to learn more so I am much more ready when its time for me to have my own house.

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