Where to Find Quality Hurricane Solutions in Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve ever lived in Fort Lauderdale, you’re well aware that hurricanes can cause significant damage. If you want to protect your family and also your home it is dire to consider quality hurricane solutions. Consider installing Storm Proof windows and doors to your home. LockTight Impact Windows and Doors has been designing and installing Hurricane Windows and Doors in South Florida for over five decades and we can help you!

LockTight aims to provide your home with a high-quality hurricane safety system in order to keep your family protected. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the best items to protect your home and family at the most affordable rates. 

Continue reading to learn more about the high-quality hurricane solutions provided by LockTight Impact Windows and Doors!

Quality Hurricane Solutions

Make sure you’re ready for hurricane season by contacting LockTight Impact Windows and Doors. With decades of experience in successful hurricane safety products, has the hurricane solutions to ready your Fort Lauderdale home. 

As tropical storms become stronger and more volatile, hurricane safety items have become much more important in Florida homes. In spite of standard hurricane panels, make the necessary change to hurricane windows and doors this hurricane season to keep you protected.

Hurricane Windows and Doors Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re like the majority of people, your home is the most important investment. If you do not already have a high-quality hurricane defense scheme in place, you should consider. LockTight offers high-quality hurricane security products to Fort Lauderdale homeowners. Thus, reducing the financial risk of injury, but you’ll also have peace of mind ensuring your family is safe.

With hurricane windows and doors from LockTight, your home will be protected against forced entry and heat infiltration. Your impact windows or doors can be tailored to your homes own personal style. As a result, increasing your homes curb appeal.

Impact Glass Windows and Doors Fort Lauderdale, FL

LockTight sells impact-resistant windows and doors from well-known manufacturers such as PGT, CWS, CGI, and ESW. We only use the industry’s top-quality energy-efficient windows and doors. Our doors are more sturdy and safer for Fort Lauderdale homes against hurricanes due to their low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant hinges and multi-point locks.

LockTight provides valuable warranties for your windows and doors in addition to offering premium goods at a reasonable price. Every project we do includes both materials and manpower, and completing the covered work is as simple as giving us a call. LockTight Impact Windows and Doors uses the factory warranties listed below as well as the extra coverage listed below. Our ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors come with the industry’s best warranties, which cover:

  • Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Hurricane Glass Breakage
  • Delamination
  • Labor and Materials
  • Transferable

How to Finance an Impact Window or Door

While we take pride in offering low-cost goods with valuable warranties, we recognize that financing is a better financial option for certain families. LockTight Impact Windows and Doors provides two financing options for your impact windows and doors. The first way we provide you with funding options is through traditional financing.

Conventional Financing

LockTight Impact Windows and Doors works with a variety of lenders to find you the best available financing choices. Moreover, we will find you a price and contract that fits into your budget by collaborating with market leaders in construction loans. We collaborate with industry leaders in construction loans, such as: 

  • Service Finance, LLC
  • Aqua Finance, Inc.
  • Dividend
  • And more!

PACE Financing 

Property Assessed Clean Energy, also known as PACE, is an approved program that allows homeowners in Fort Lauderdale to improve their home’s energy efficiency, including hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors that are Energy Star Rated. The best thing about PACE Financing is that it is not based on your credit score! Protect your home from hurricanes while saving money on electricity and lowering your carbon footprint! 

We Can Help! Contact Us Today!

Finally, talk with a representative today to learn more about the funding choices available at LockTight Impact Windows and Doors. Our team has years of experience and we can help you protect your home with impact or hurricane proof windows and doors in Fort Lauderdale. Contact for an estimate today.

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