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Window Age: How Long Do Windows Last?

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Nothing in your home lasts forever, even your windows. A good window should endure between 15 and 30 years. Usually, by year 20, the level of deterioration begins to increase. Your windows’ average lifespan alters based on a variety of elements. The following factors influence window age and will answer how long windows last. 

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Window Type & Quality 

Each window material requires a particular amount of upkeep and care. Window longevity can be shortened due to inadequate care. Quality, handcrafted wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows, on the other hand, could all survive for years if maintained properly.

Wood windows need more effort on your end, but they are famous for their endurance. This is why you find so many original wood windows on historic residential properties. By devoting time to good window maintenance, you extend the life of your wood windows.

Fiberglass, a minimal material with a close appearance to the wood, offers remarkable performance and durability, even in high heat and cold. Aside from routine deep cleaning and inspection, there isn’t much else you need to do to maintain their look and energy efficiency.

Cost does not always imply a lack of quality. Vinyl windows are less expensive than wood or fiberglass windows. They are made with non-corrosive chemicals to give support against distortion caused by weather fluctuations.

Weather and Climate Impact

Extreme weather can cause your windows to degrade faster. No matter how old the window is, storm or hail damage might send you looking at other options. If you reside in an area where certain climatic conditions exist, the performance and longevity of your windows will be affected:

  • Too hot or too cold – Extreme temperature changes can cause windows to distort, move, or alter form.
  • Saltwater – Saltwater is destructive. The salty air from the seaside accumulates on your windows and can degrade the exteriors of your windows over time.
  • Sun exposure – UV radiation from the sun creates aging. Windows that are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time deteriorate faster. As a result, windows on the sun-facing side of the home may need to be replaced sooner than windows in the shade.
  • Humidity– Climates with humid conditions or rainfall indicate that your windows have more moisture. Excessive moisture can cause discoloration, chipped paint or finish, and frame or trim bending.

Proper Installation

The long-term preservation of your windows begins on the first day. Proper window construction ensures that the items properly fit and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Both of them prepare your windows for maximum performance and lifetime.

A well-constructed window blocks out all elements and saves energy. It keeps water from getting into the components and damaging them. All these functions benefit you when your window fits perfectly, making it less likely to slide and shift with time.

Window Usage 

The majority of window designs are functional. By sliding a pane or twisting a crank, you may open and close them as desired.

Windows naturally exhibit a little wear from normal everyday usage, just like adding miles on a car. If you rely more on specific windows to capture a breeze or open up your home, they may wear out faster than windows that are hardly used.

When to Replace Your Windows 

It is difficult to predict how long your windows will last. There’s a lot more to explore than the age of your windows. And if you are not the original owner of your property, you may not even know how old the windows are.

It’s natural to try to maximize a prior investment or squeeze every last day out of your current windows to postpone a large home remodeling project. However, if your windows are showing visual signs of aging – storm damage, drafty seals, poor efficiency, or condensation — it may be time to begin the window replacement process. Because even a single-window might cause harm to other components of your home.

When in doubt, avoid guessing by consulting a professional. A window specialist will inspect your windows and decide whether you only need maintenance or repairs, or where a replacement is required. By beginning with new windows, you can guarantee that your windows retain their function for years to come. 

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