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The Importance Of A Hurricane Rated Garage Door

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If you have a garage, trust the expertise of our professional technicians at LockTight Impact. They deliver exceptional service and hurricane-proof your property.

As a Florida-based business, we know too well what it is like to face a tropical storm. In Florida, you don’t prepare “in case” a hurricane happens, but because hurricanes will happen. This is why every door we install is built to withstand the direct impact of a hurricane, many times over.

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you cannot go wrong with getting a hurricane rated door from LockTight Impact. You won’t just be given mere functionality and heavy-duty security, you’ll also get elegantly designed doors available in several possible finishes. 

In addition, DAB Hurricane Master Garage Doors offers a slew of features for homeowners to be thrilled when they upgrade. Here are our top five reasons to upgrade to a hurricane garage door from LockTight Impact. 

     1. Preserving Structural Integrity 

Your garage likely has the largest opening to your home, and is therefore the weakest link for powerful winds trying to topple the building. If the door to your garage is compromised, there is a high possibility of damage to your home. 

That’s why shear strength is the foremost reason on the mind of most homeowners who want to buy a hurricane garage door. A sufficiently strong door ensures your home is shielded from strong winds and storms by reducing the impact when a hurricane strikes. 

LockTight Impact offers a wide selection of reinforced hurricane garage doors that exceed the strictest post-1992 Hurricane Andrew building codes in Florida. Our DAB Hurricane Master doors have a built-in structural reinforced system that make them particularly effective in providing your home with best in-class protection. 

Also, since they are equipped with the InterForce® system, DAB doors installed by LockTight Impact are strong, yet lightweight. The doors are strong, yet lightweight and the panels will not sag under the weight. 

     2. Protection from Flood Damage 

When a tropical storm makes landfall, it’s up to the doors of a building to protect it from flooding. A less sturdy door cannot withstand the direct impact of a flood before it is blown away. However, a hurricane garage door is much more capable. 

With a firm, durable exterior, a reinforced interior and excellent craftsmanship, the garage doors offered by LockTight Impact protect your investment from the elements. Our doors have an array of features that make them perfect for your home safety. These features include: 

  • Sturdy tracks and reinforcement rods make them less likely to be dislodged by powerful winds or even a hail storm. 
  • Resistant hinges, which are sturdy enough to resist the force of hurricane-grade winds and storms. 
  • Insulation protects our garage from extreme temperatures regardless of the time of the year. 
  • The InterForce® Structural Reinforcement System provides superior strength and reliability than the weight reinforcement in other hurricane garage doors. 

If you get a hurricane garage door from LockTight Impact, you can rest assured of protection from the wind and floods. When your house is within walking distance of the ocean, you need security. Being in a heavy storm zone, means you need a proper, sturdy hurricane rated garage door. 

     3. Safeguard your Possessions 

The sturdy nature of a hurricane garage door isn’t just for safety, it’s also for the security of your investment. Petty burglars easily break into houses with weak doors and windows. With stronger impact-resistant hurricane rated doors, they have a much harder time breaking in. 

You also save money you would have otherwise spent on a security system when you install hurricane rated doors. At LockTight, all our hurricane garage doors are fitted with top-of-the-line locks. The locking mechanism can be configured to comply with the local force entry codes of your area. This will properly safeguard your property and household. 

     4. A Hurricane Garage Door Is Low Maintenance

Due to their multi-layered structure and the nature of materials used to manufacture them, hurricane garage doors can take years of abuse without needing repairs. This makes them more durable than regular doors, which require frequent lubrication and care. 

Although the impact resistant doors cost more, you’ll be able to save money on the regular maintenance and repairs that are necessary for standard doors. Also, hurricane garage doors tend to last much longer – if properly installed, they can last decades. 

At LockTight Impact, we offer some of the most durable impact-resistant doors for your garage that require little to no maintenance whatsoever. If you’re thinking of upgrading your standard door, the most convenient option is to get one of our hurricane-rated garage doors.

     5. Save Money on your Insurance Policy 

Floridians pay more insurance for their houses than the typical US homeowner due to the frequency and intensity of storms where they live. Fortunately, discounts, credits and options to pay lower premiums exist. 

Many insurers reduce your homeowners’ insurance policy when you install impact resistant doors and windows in your home. It’s typical of most insurance companies in Florida to offer these packages since paying for damages incurred will cost them more than accepting lower premiums. 

If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, a hurricane-rated option might be your best chance to save some money. Check with your insurance provider to see which discounts exist for specific types of garage doors. 

Why get your Hurricane Garage Door from LockTight Impact? 

For over five decades, LockTight Impact Windows and Doors has been improving the safety and security of homes and businesses in South Florida. Our garage doors are not just impact resistant, they exceed the Florida building code standards for durability and hurricane resistance. 

We never boast, but we are the leading contractor for hurricane-rated windows and doors in Florida. Our doors feature strength, elegance, noise reduction and burglary-resistance, so you can sleep at night with peace of mind.

Your home is your biggest investment, so why not give it the best possible shield against the elements? If your investment is in the projected path of a hurricane, you want to feel assured that it’s well-secured. So if you have a garage, trust the expertise of our professional technicians at LockTight Impact. They deliver exceptional service and hurricane-proof your property. 

For more information, call (954)-500-LOCK or explore our website to view our packages.

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