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Tropical Storm Fred Approaching Florida

Tropical Depression Fred has officially become a Tropical Storm as of Tuesday. The storm is currently making it’s way through the Caribbean bringing heavy rain and gusty 15-20mph winds. Meteorologists at The Weather Channel are expecting Florida to see rain and the wind impacts by this weekend. Details on the magnitude and timing are still under watch and will be reported periodically as more information is known.

For now, Floridians are being told to monitor the forecast closely given Fred’s current path. By Friday, the storm is predicted to reach South Florida, potentially making landfall over the Florida Keys according to CNN.

Forecast From the Caribbean to Florida

The official NHC forecast depicts a possible intensification of Fred once it reaches the waters south of Florida or possibly the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Due to the wind shear, dry air and land interaction obstacles this forecast may change. We recommend you still prepare for heavy rains and wind impacts.


How to Prepare for a Tropical Storm Fred

  • Stock up on non-perishable food items (Don’t forget pet food!)
  • Keep the recommended amount of water on hand (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Secure patio furniture, remove any loose foliage and branches that could become airborne during high winds
  • Make a list of emergency contacts and take an inventory of your home valuables
  • If any damage occurs during the storm take photo documentation

Lasting Storm Protection

If Tropical Storm Fred has you considering updating your home and making last minute storm preparation easier check out our hurricane impact windows and impact doors. Contact our customer service team today for a free in-home quote. Upgrading to impact windows and doors increases your property asset value, makes preparing for a storm fast and easy, adds protection from burglars and reduces traffic noise.


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