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Replace Your Windows in Florida During the Winter

When winter takes its toll on our northern neighbors, we’d humbly suggest that there is nowhere better to be than South Florida. We’re fortunate enough to enjoy holidays by the beach. Sunshine for the bulk of the year, and mild winters. 

In fact, it’s so interesting to see how our population expands with “snowbirds.”  Who fled their blizzards to enjoy our warm weather. As well as guests anxious to experience the sun after months of cold. 

We are nothing short of pleased to reside in such a nice climate. However, did you know that our winter is also the ideal time to upgrade your windows? Let’s take a look at many of the reasons why you should replace your windows in Florida during the winter. 


If you’ve ever made a pot of spaghetti on a chilly winter evening, you’ve definitely seen condensation on your kitchen window. Condensation occurs when warm, humid air mixes with cold air. Condensation doesn’t occur often, but if it does frequently in your house make sure to take care of your humidity levels. Your older windows have most likely been subjected to recurrent moisture exposure. 

Over time, moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow, also warping and rotting of the window frame. Old or broken windows may also enable dampness from the outside to enter your home, boosting humidity levels and making your home more prone to mold and bacteria growth. 

Cooler Temperatures

Replacing windows is a difficult task. This job is made even more difficult when it’s really warm and muggy outside. The milder temperatures of winter make window replacing a much simpler process for our crew. 

Consider this: would you rather repair windows when it’s 76 degrees or when it’s above 90 degrees? Working during winter allows you to work in reasonable temperatures to repair home windows in South Florida.

Wintertime provides the benefits of a window installation company’s slow period. This means you may be able to receive new windows at a lower price. Winter is an excellent season to take advantage of special offers and discounts that window manufacturers offer installation businesses to provide to their consumers.

Spring and summer are prime seasons for window installation. Due to the fact that demand is low, window companies have greater scheduling flexibility. This means your new windows will be fitted much sooner.


Damaged Windows Waste Money 

As the outside temperature drops, you may see a corresponding reduction throughout your house. If you’re still managing to remain toasty inside, even with the heater on, it could be due to outdated or broken windows admitting chilly air into your home.

If you wait too long to repair outdated, leaky windows, your HVAC system will have to work even harder to heat your house. That involves a higher monthly energy expense. Also, a greater chance that your HVAC may be ruined while attempting to keep up. 

Higher energy bills add up, primarily if you have to include a service visit to clean or repair an exhausted HVAC system. The longer you wait to replace old or broken windows, the more energy — and money — you’ll waste heating your house.

Best Investment 

Upgrading your windows could reduce your energy expenses, make your house cozier all year, and improve its overall exterior appeal. As a result, new windows are one of the finest ways to invest as a homeowner. 

According to recent research, homeowners who choose to replace outdated windows with new ones would experience a 74% financial return. In other words, replacing old windows helps you both now and in the future.

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Now that you’ve read why you should replace your windows in Florida during the winter. Finding the proper provider to deliver you the quality and security you want might be tough. That is why LockTight Impact Windows & Doors provides free estimates and financing to individuals who qualify. Our purpose is, and always has been, to assist you in selecting the best products to safeguard your homes and family.


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