Palm Beach Impact Windows

Palm Beach impact windowsWhen residents need Palm Beach impact windows and doors, they can count on LockTight to supply the best in the business. As an industry leader, our products will keep your family, property and possessions safe through hurricane season and any major weather event Florida has in store. These products exceed all coastal regulations and construction code requirements. With multi-layer laminated glass, scientifically designed glazing and the strongest frames possible, wind-borne debris and torrential gusts don’t stand a chance of penetrating. Homeowners enjoy peace of mind because our products are built to last. High-performance materials manufactured with partners that are also leaders in the business (e.g., PGT, CWS, CGI) guarantee durability, unlike temporary hurricane shutters. Once installed, these home improvement products are easy to maintain. They also are available in numerous styles to match all tastes and needs, including elegant shape and arch, casement, horizontal sliders and single- or double-hung.

In the Palm Beach area and throughout Florida, homeowners need to know that their house is safe from storms. But what they may not realize is that impact windows and doors not only provide a protective shield, they are also energy efficient. Because of air-conditioning needs to run less often and heat transfer is lessened, energy bills often decrease up to 35%. And the savings continues: annual insurance premiums are decreased, often by 25%. Homeowners can also rest assured that stronger windows mean less chance of penetration by an outside intruder. And indoor paintings, photos, carpets and other valuables are less likely to fade because harmful UV rays are blocked. All in all, installation will increase home value.

Clearly, Palm Beach impact windows and doors are the wisest home renovation choice you can undertake in southern Florida. LockTight makes sure this valuable investment is affordable, with its 100% financing program, including no downpayment and deferred monthly payments. We bring more than 50 years’ experience to your next home improvement project with seasoned contractors and site managers. Countless customer testimonials praise our professionalism and courteous service. Contact us to learn more about installation.