Palm Beach Impact Doors

Palm Beach impact doors

For homeowners in Palm Beach impact doors and windows from LockTight, Florida’s most experienced contractor in the industry, means safety. As an industry leader and the largest supplier of these specialized entryways in North America, our products safeguard families, their homes and their valuables when hurricanes and tropical storms threaten to destroy residences. Our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art materials. Our bonded glass, expert glazing and reinforced frames surpass federal regulations and construction codes. Designed by respected engineers and working with trusted business partners such as PGT, CWS, CGI, we give homeowners peace of mind. Installing a protective glass shield around their house resists windblown debris and hurricane-force winds. Our workmanship is not only durable, it also appeals a variety of architectural tastes. Designs range from shape and arch to casement, sliders and single- or double-hung. Maintenance is a breeze.

In the Palm Beach vicinity and throughout Florida, homeowners feel reassured that their residence is safe in a storm thanks to our products. Yet, many potential customers are not aware that impact doors and windows also provide great savings. Energy costs are lowered by as much as 35% because the tight seal lessens the need for air-conditioning. Moreover, our customers save up to 25% percent each year on their homeowner insurance premiums. Other perks include noise reduction in the home and less fading of their interior possessions because ultraviolet light cannot penetrate the specialized glass. It has been shown that damage from burglary is less likely because the materials are impenetrable. Home value increases dramatically.

Undoubtedly, in Palm Beach impact doors and windows make the best sense for value, aesthetics and performance. They are the wisest home renovation projects customers can make, and one of the most important home safeguards in Florida. LockTight offers the highest caliber customer service and guarantees satisfaction with its warranty policy. It makes home renovation affordable with complete financing, no money down and deferred monthly payments. Resistance materials are the wisest home renovation choice in southern Florida. Join countless satisfied clients who have trusted LockTight for 50 years with their most valuable investment.