LockTight Impact

LockTight impactWith each hurricane season, homeowners turn to LockTight impact products for top-of-the-line windows and doors that protect from storm damage and guarantee optimal safety. With heavy-duty frames, specialized glass bonding and protective treatment, these products are one of the most important home remodeling projects homeowners can make. A worthy investment, they ensure that the damage from flooding, high-force winds, tropical gusts, hurricanes and wind-borne debris is decreased and the structural integrity of the residence is preserved. Unlike temporary shutters, these products are permanent and built to last, with precision engineering that can customize design pressure and ensure proper glazing. Manufactured in Florida, they are used in the vicinity and worldwide and exceed all coastal regulations to give owners peace of mind. Partnerships with leaders in the field, such as PGT, CWS, and CGI, give us endless buying possibilities and guarantee the best in technology and research. Additionally, multiple styles (single hung, casement or horizontal sliders) are available for low-, medium- and high-rise construction.

Specialized windows and doors also mean huge savings and diverse benefits for homeowners. LockTight knows that impact products reassure families that intruders cannot enter their home because of solid, high-tech glass installation. Entryways and garages are safer, as well. And energy costs plummet by up to 30% because of better air-conditioning efficiency. As a result, yearly insurance premiums decrease by a quarter. And families notice far less noise because of a better glass seal. Because less ultraviolet light penetrates, furniture, carpets and upholstery fade less, too.

Join thousands of homeowners who know that LockTight impact windows and doors are the finest in the industry. Our multiple warranties put your mind at ease because 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. From estimate to installation, clients work with customer service representatives every step of the way, and with more than 50 years’ experience, contractors and project managers guide each homeowner through the process. Total financing is available, as well as no money down and no payments for the first year, making the entire process affordable for all. Call us for an estimate now.