LockTight Impact Windows

LockTight impact windowsFor top value and safety, LockTight impact windows and doors will ensure that your home is ready when the next big storm hits. With unparalleled industry success, LockTight serves southern Florida and vicinity with state-of-the-art products that exceed codes for wind-borne and hurricane damage. During a major weather event, the most structurally vulnerable parts of the home include the glass. Our products are designed with exceptional engineering, manufactured with the highest-quality bonded glass. Consequently, this lowers the risk of storm damage and give homeowners uncompromised peace of mind. With access to multi-millions of dollars of buying power from partner manufacturers based in Florida and serving the world—such as PGT, CWS and CGI—we can meet virtually any customer’s specifications for entryway and garages, as well. Design wind pressure and glazing meet specifications, making our products are exemplary.

Clients who invest in home improvements with LockTight come to realize that by installing impact windows and doors, they are also gaining additional benefits. Our products decrease the risk of burglary; the glass is virtually unbreakable. They save money and time preparing for hurricane season because the improvements are permanent, unlike temporary aluminum shutters. They find their homes are less noisy because of the insulation, which also affords them cooler more efficient use of their air-conditioning systems—a cost-effective energy conserver. And they save tons of money on insurance because our products cut yearly premiums by 25%. Moreover, their most valuable possessions are not only protected from harm; they are also spared fading from ultraviolet light.

It is easy to see why LockTight impact windows and doors have been praised by thousands of customers for more than 50 years in the business. Their customer service ensures that every client is completely satisfied from their first estimate to their final installation with seasoned contractors and project managers on site. A variety of warranties are available, as well as promotional offers, including zero money down, 100% financing and no payments for one year. Schedule your consultation and feel safe in your home.