Fort Lauderdale Impact Windows

Fort Lauderdale impact windows

In Fort Lauderdale impact windows and doors from LockTight guarantee exceptional value, quality and style. With precision engineering, these products provide a protective shield for a house during a hurricane or major weather event—an important investment for all Florida homeowners. Composed of interlayered laminated glass, the high resistance of these products ensures that wind-borne debris, gusts and torrential rain cannot penetrate. They are designed to withstand once-in-a-lifetime storms and to last through everyday use. All materials adhere to and surpass all coastal regulations and factory certifications. With partner manufacturers, including PGT, CWS and CGI, we have access to millions of dollars of buying power, which bolsters our comprehensive inventory.

Throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, residents are well aware of the need to protect their homes from hurricanes and major weather events, but not everyone realizes that impact windows and doors also bring many additional benefits to the home. Energy efficiency is a number one perk. Air-conditioning needs to run less often, so many homeowners find their energy bills reduced by 35%. These products also safeguard homes from burglary because the glass is impenetrable. Consequently, insurance policyholders enjoy a 25% reduction in their yearly premium. They are huge noise reducers because of their solid seals. And because they block harmful ultraviolet rays, interior furnishings fade less and last longer in sunny rooms. All of these factors improve home value. Their styles fit any house’s décor: double-hung, single-hung, casement and horizontal sliders are available. Beautiful shape and arch motifs are also an option.

In Fort Lauderdale impact windows and doors have been LockTight’s specialty for more than 50 years. With warranties available and exceptional customer service, buyers are guaranteed satisfaction on every job, big or small. No monthly payments are due for one year, 100% financing is available and no downpayment is necessary. Our customers trust our reputation as a leader in the industry. Live safely and comfortably in Florida knowing that LockTight has protected your home, your family and your possessions.