Fort Lauderdale Impact Doors

Fort Lauderdale impact doorsFor residents of Fort Lauderdale impact doors and windows must have superior value, quality and style, and LockTight can guarantee all three. Engineered to exceed the highest coastal regulations and designed using the best storm hazard research, these products provide a protective barrier for a house during tropical storms and hurricanes. Floridians especially appreciate this peace of mind. Composed of layers of laminated glass, the solid structural integrity of these products ensures that debris from wind and powerful gusts cannot break through the entire bonded glass or destroy the steel-reinforced sashes. With partners, including PGT, CWS and CGI, our expertise and buying power allow customers to choose the exact product that meets their home’s individual needs. Our specialty items safeguard entryways and garages, as well.

Satisfied customers in Fort Lauderdale and vicinity, and worldwide, have come to learn that LockTight impact doors and windows are not only critical household improvements to protect their home from storms, but are also yield amazing savings. Because homes are better insulated, air-condition needs to run less frequently and customer appreciate a substantial energy savings—often up to 35%. And residents can feel safer because potential damage and danger from burglary is reduced, as the glass cannot be completely broken. Costly alarm systems are not needed. As a result, yearly household insurance premiums often plummet by 25%. Furthermore, customers enjoy less noise in the house and notice that their valuable interior possessions are protected from fading because ultraviolet light cannot penetrate the specialty glass. Altogether, home values increase. Customized products that match every customer’s style are available in many options.

In Fort Lauderdale impact doors and windows are within every customer’s reach because LockTight provides 100% financing, no money down and no monthly payments for a year. Warranties for all products are available, as well. Affordability, premium quality and top-notch customer service are LockTight’s hallmarks. Our 50 years in the industry ensure spectacular results for your next home improvement project. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation and free estimate. We know that we can meet your home’s needs.