Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Windows

Fort Lauderdale hurricane windows

For homeowners in Fort Lauderdale hurricane windows and doors are essential, and they can trust LockTight to safeguard their home during the next major weather event. These impact-resistant products use carefully engineered laminated glass that provides an impenetrable barrier so wind-borne debris, torrential rain, flooding and gusts cannot break through. Our design and manufacturing standards exceed all coastal regulations and follow strict factory codes for exceptional durability and performance. Many people do not realize that during a violent storm, the weakest parts of a house are the glass components. Our products offer permanent solutions to the problem of storm damage, unlike temporary shutters. With partner manufacturers, including PGT, CWS and CGI, our steel-reinforced sashes and expert glazing are world-respected in the industry.

In Fort Lauderdale and southern Florida, residents appreciate the importance of protecting their home during the next hurricane. Installing impact windows and doors are a smart solution because they offer many additional benefits. Because of the excellent insulation, air-conditioning runs less often; therefore, energy costs decrease, often by 35%. The strength of their multi-layer glass also lowers the risk of damage because of burglary. Consequently, buyers realize a 25% reduction in their annual homeowners’ insurance. Noise levels are decreased, as well. And homeowners can protect their valuable possessions from sun ray damage, as most of ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the glass. These products meet any specifications and any home’s architectural needs in a variety of styles: double-hung, single-hung, casement and horizontal sliders, as well as elegant shape and arch designs.

For Fort Lauderdale hurricane windows and doors that are among the best in the industry, customers can trust LockTight. They give residents peace of mind during storms and provide savings and increased home value, too. For 50 years, our seasoned contractors and project managers have worked with thousands of satisfied customers. Warranties are available on each job. And no money down is necessary. Monthly payments can be delayed for one year, and 100% financing is an option. Rely on LockTight to safeguard your family, your home and your possessions through the next big storm.