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FAQ: Impact Doors

What makes a door impact resistant?

Impact windows and doors consist of heavy-duty framing and resistant glass. The frame and glass lamination is hurricane rated to stay strong under the force of hurricane winds and flying debris. 

How do these doors work?

An impact door is specifically designed with quality materials that resist heavy blows. These doors are installed with heavy duty framing that ensure they stay intact when heavy objects are hurled at it. However, You may choose to include decorative glass on your storm rated doors. This glass is made of specialty glass that will also take a heavy impact without imploding.

How can you tell if a door is impact?

Laminating several layers of materials together are how Impact glass is created. Therefore, you can tell by checking the corners for permanent etched marks. Often there will be a sticker somewhere on the frame with resource and brand information. Also, check for reflections because of impact glass’s multiple layers, you can see multiple reflections in the glass.

Do storm resistant doors reduce noise?

Yes! In fact, storm resistant windows and doors can minimize unwanted noise up to 65%. However, they aren’t sound proof. If you live near a busy street an additional sound barrier to consider would be window treatments or thick draperies that can help.

Looking for Hurricane Impact Doors in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Miami Dade County Florida?

LockTight Impact is the regions leader in Impact Windows and Doors for 50 years running. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality, fastest installation and life time guarantees for hurricane protection. We have catered to south Florida homes and families for nearly 50 years. If you or a loved one are interested in Impact Doors please give us a call 954-500-LOCK


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