Delray Beach Impact Windows

Delray Beach impact windowsFor people in Delray Beach impact windows and doors from LockTight offer superior value, quality and design. Using the finest engineering, these products exceed coastal regulations and meet all construction codes. They provide an insulating shield of impenetrable glass that withstands hurricanes—so important for Florida residents’ peace of mind. Manufactured with multilayers of laminated glass, the products have structural integrity that prevents windblown debris and torrential rain from breaking the bonded glass or destroying the reinforced sashes. Whether homeowners are concerned about protection during extreme storms or want to improve their property for everyday use, these products meet all expectations. Our partners are top names in the industry, including PGT, CWS and CGI. Our expertise and buying power can satisfy any customer’s needs, with styles such as double- or single-hung, casement, sliders or shape and arch that complement all architectural styles. Low maintenance means homeowners can enjoy their home renovation with ease for many years.

Satisfied customers in the Delray Beach vicinity and nationwide rely on LockTight impact windows and doors to help them through the stormy season and for major savings. With better insulation, air-conditioning runs less frequently, so customers can substantially save on energy—up to 35%. They also can feel safer because the glass is virtually impenetrable, making the house safer from potential burglary. Consequently, expensive alarm systems are not needed. As a result, residents can see a dramatic savings on annual insurance bills, sometimes up to 25%. Noise is reduced, and valuable interior possessions are less likely to fade because the state-of-the-art glass blocks UV rays. This results in increased home value.

In Delray Beach impact windows and doors can be an affordable item on every household’s budget with LockTight’s 100% financing plan, zero money down and no payments for one year. Warranties are available, as well. Our sterling reputation, competitive pricing and outstanding quality have kept us in business for more than 50 years and make us Florida’s most experienced contractor in this industry. Turn to LockTight for your family’s next major home improvement project and enjoy our courteous customer service and expert installation.