Delray Beach Impact Windows

Delray Beach impact doorsIn Delray Beach impact doors and windows are essential to keep a southern Florida home safe during hurricane season, and LockTight is the name to trust when it’s time to make a purchase. Our products deliver results. As Florida’s most experienced contractor in the business and a leader in the industry, we give homeowners peace of mind when the next hurricane season rolls in. Our products are engineered with precision to exceed federal and coastal requirements. Because they use the strongest bonded glass and specialized glazing, along with reinforced frames, these home improvement items safeguard the home from windborne debris and the highest hurricane-force winds. The products are manufactured to last, unlike temporary shutters. Partnering with top names like PGI, CWS and CGI, we know exactly how to customize each renovation job to suit any customer’s needs. Function does not compromise style. We offer the biggest selection of entryways in North America.

LockTight’s reach is worldwide, and our heart is in serving the people of Florida. In Delray Beach, homeowners can turn to us not only for the highest quality impact doors and windows, but also for phenomenal savings. Customers can lower their energy bills by up to 35% by installing our products because of tighter seals and, consequently, less frequent use of air-conditioning. Homeowners can also look forward to lower annual insurance premiums after installation; some save 25%. Risk of burglary is lowered because the strong glass is virtually impenetrable. Indoor furnishings are spared from the harmful rays of UV light, and noise is less noticeable inside. Maintenance is worry-free, and cleaning is easy. Overall, home value increases.

Throughout Delray Beach impact doors and windows are a must-have, and LockTight can make the dream a reality. With the finest customer service and 50 years in the business, we know how to see a job through from estimate to installation. We also offer highly competitive pricing that includes a 100% financing program, no money down and no monthly payments for a year. Everyone can enjoy our products. Contact LockTight to get your next home improvement project started.