Davie Impact Windows

Davie impact windowsFor homeowners in Davie impact windows and doors from LockTight will help them protect their property, family and possessions during the next hurricane season. As the most experienced contractor in Florida, we understand the importance of investing in the highest quality glass and structural supplies that will shield a house from hurricane-force winds, rains and windblown debris. Our materials combat the forces that threaten people’s homes during major weather events. Our products are engineered with multi-layer laminated glass, powder-coat finish and steel-reinforced sashes and superior glazing. They exceed federal coastal regulations and are factory certified. Partner suppliers include top businesses in the industry, including PGT, CWS and CGI. Every product is guaranteed for life.

In addition to hurricane protection in Davie and throughout Florida, LockTight products offer customers many additional benefits and savings. Our impact windows not only resist storm damage, they lower the risk of burglary because the glass is impenetrable. This also yields a noticeable reduction in indoor noise. Moreover, they preserve interior furnishings because they block harmful UV light that can fade carpets and upholstery. Customers also enjoy a substantial savings in energy costs because solar heat is reduced during the summer, so air-conditioning units run less often. During winter, heat stays indoors. Yearly insurance premiums often fall by 25%. Aesthetically, the products are elegant and can suit all decors, such as shape and arch, single hung, horizontal sliders and casement. And they are easy to clean and maintain.

In Davie impact windows manufactured by LockTight are guaranteed to satisfy because we are a home improvement company that cares about our customers and top quality. With countless testimonials from satisfied customers and a lifetime warranty to back us up, we are a leader in the industry, serving all of Florida for the past 50 years. We pride ourselves on strength and aesthetics, and we offer exceptional craftsmanship with an A+ crew. This important and valuable investment bolsters home value and pays for itself over time. Call us now for a free estimate.