Davie Impact Doors

Davie impact doorsFor wise home upgrades in Davie impact doors and windows from LockTight will help protect families and their properties and possessions during the next hurricane season. As the most experienced provider of high-resistance products in Florida, we know firsthand how important it is to invest in the finest engineering, craftsmanship and design. The structural integrity of a house during a major storm is critical. Our products consist of state-of-the-art laminated glass, highly durable frames and machine-precision hardware that all blend together to create outstanding finished products that protect from wind-borne debris and are made to last. Each product is guaranteed for life. Our products exceed federal coastal regulations and are factory certified, and our professional partners include industry leaders. Multiple styles for entryways and garages can satisfy every taste. In fact, we are the number one supplier in North America.

Not only can Davie residents protect their properties from storm damage, they can also save money when they work with LockTight. Our impact doors, as well as windows, can reduce risk of burglars because the heavy-duty high-resistance glass is impenetrable. Homeowners also notice less noise inside because of the tighter seal. Moreover, specialized glass blocks much of the harmful ultraviolet light that can fade interior furnishings. Our products are energy efficient and typically yield a savings of 35% in utility bills. Consequently, consumers enjoy a 25% reduction in their annual home insurance premiums. Aesthetically, our products are unparalleled. Elegant design and style can match any customer’s tastes for entryways and garages. Superior protection is guaranteed, as each item is safety tested.

When living in Davie impact doors and windows from LockTight ensure that customers will receive fast turnaround time and experienced project management. We are licensed and insured and are proud to be in business for half a century. Lifetime warranties are standard with each purchase, and our products are built to last. We offer 100% financing, zero downpayment and deferred monthly payments. Set up an appointment for your next major home improvement project and let us show you why our reputation has surpassed all the others.