Davie Hurricane Windows

Davie hurricane windowsFor smart home renovators in Davie hurricane windows and doors from LockTight can save families, their homes and their belongings during devastating storms. We are well respected in the industry as Florida’s top manufacturer of impact products. Our materials consist of the highest technology bonded glass that can withstand gale forces and windblown debris. Durable frames and precision glazing ensure that our products are virtually unbreakable. We work with scientists and engineers to surpass coastal regulations and adhere to all factory certification codes. Function does not compromise form. Numerous designs suit a variety of architectural styles; options include single-hung, double-hung, casement, sliders and beautiful shape and arch. We work with partners including PGT, CGI and CWS to bring millions of dollars of buying power to each project.

Southern Florida residents understand the need to protect their homes form storms. In Davie, residents know firsthand the damage a hurricane can do on a house and property. That is why LockTight’s impact windows and doors bring peace of mind. And research shows that our products also minimize damage from burglary because glass is almost unbreakable. Our home upgrades also yield substantial savings on energy costs. Customers can enjoy up to 35% off their energy bills because air-conditioning runs less with a more tightly sealed dwelling. Another perk is up to 25% savings on yearly insurance premiums. Moreover, indoor noise lessens, interior furnishings fade less because UV light is blocked, curb appeal increases enhanced and home value soars.

If you reside in Davie hurricane windows and doors from LockTight deliver top quality, superior customer service and unparalleled pricing. With a half-century in the business, our seasoned project managers know that every installation is important. Our team works closely with each homeowner to ensure satisfaction. We offer a 100% finance program, no downpayment and zero payments for up to one year. When LockTight is on your job, your investment will pay for itself. Contact us to make the most important home improvement project a reality.