Boca Raton Windows

Boca Raton windows

When hurricane season hits Boca Raton windows and doors manufactured by LockTight are guaranteed to protect families, their properties and their possessions. These impact resistant products surpass all federal and coastal regulations and adhere to code to optimize performance. No matter how devastating the wind, how strong the blowing debris or how powerful the storm, the laminated, multi-layer glass, specialty glazing and steel-reinforced sashes are made to last. Unlike temporary hurricane shutters, these products are engineered with durability in mind. With partner manufacturers that are leaders in the business—such as PGT, CWS and CGI—we blend scientifically proven materials with expert design to produce Florida’s premier home improvement products. From double hung to single hung, casement, sliders and elegant shape and arch, the options fit any customer’s specifications. Maintenance and cleaning are carefree.

Not only do Boca Raton residents need to prepare their homes for devastating storms, they also should be aware that by improving their windows and doors, they can reap major savings. By investing in impact products, energy costs can plummet up to 35% because heat transfer is minimized. Consequently, air-conditioning is more efficient in the summer and heat stays indoors in the winter. Because high-resistance glass is virtually impenetrable, damage from burglary is rare. With all of this in mind, homeowners’ yearly insurance premiums can decrease by about 25%, as well. Other benefits include protection of indoor furnishings against sun damage because UV rays are blocked.

Upgrading Boca Raton windows and doors with LockTight is smart and affordable. We offer 100 percent financing, no money down and deferred monthly payments for up to one year. Each product comes with its own warranty. And with more than 50 years in the industry, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction from consultation through installation. Our projects are a sure way to increase home value. Trust us for peace of mind and call for your free estimate.