Boca Raton Impact Doors

Boca Raton impact doorsDuring hurricane season in Boca Raton impact doors and windows give homeowners confidence that their house, family and property are safe. They look to LockTight, Florida’s most experienced contractor of high-resistance products, to outfit their entryways and garages in preparation for violent storms and gale-force winds. Our precision engineering coupled with superior manufacturing and elegant design bring unparalleled quality to your next home improvement project. Wind-borne debris cannot penetrate the solid frames and state-of-the-art bonded glass and glazing. As the largest supplier of entryways in North America, we have millions of dollars of buying power to ensure that every project’s specifications are met. We work with other leaders in the field, including PGT, CWS and CGI, and collaborate to ensure that every installation not only meets, but exceeds coastal regulations and factory certification codes. And each product is designed to be customer friendly—cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

In the Boca Raton area and through Florida, everyone is aware that to survive a storm, a house needs impact doors and windows. But residents may not also know that these home improvements yield phenomenal savings, too. Energy efficiency soars, and homeowners can save up to 35% on their utility bills because air-conditioning use is decreased. Moreover, annual insurance premiums drop by up to 25%. Risk from burglary damage is lessened, as well. Even noise decreases inside the home. Ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate specialty glass, so interior furnishings are protected from fading. And customers feel satisfied that not only curb appeal, but their entire home value improves.

In Boca Raton impact doors and windows simply make good sense in southern Florida, and LockTight is the best choice for unparalleled satisfaction. We have been in business for more than 50 years, so we know how important it is to build rapport with our top-notch customer service and seasoned project managers. Our competitive pricing is unrivaled. We offer 100% financing, zero down and deferred monthly payments. Our products are elegant yet durable and built to last. Contact LockTight and put your next home improvement project in trustworthy hands.