Boca Raton Hurricane Windows

Boca Raton hurricane windows

For residents in Boca Raton hurricane windows and doors are affordable when customers turn to LockTight, Florida’s most experienced contractor of impact products for home improvement. Bracing for storm season and living every day in the south means protecting your house from wind-blown debris and coastal flooding. Our products safeguard families and their properties with specialized, heavy-duty, multi-layered glass that provides a protective barrier. Expert engineering ensures that our manufacturing exceeds federal regulations and meets all factory codes. We have earned our reputation with renovations that save houses and lives. Durability and performance are key elements, and we work with major names in the field (e.g., PGT, CWS and CGI) to leverage the best craftsmanship. Function does not compromise style; our products are available in a variety of elegant and sophisticated styles, including sliders, single- or double-hung, casement and shape and arch. Maintenance and cleaning are simple.

For residents in the Boca Raton area, the structural integrity of their house is critical during hurricane season. Consequently, windows and doors are essential home improvements. Not only can these products safeguard property, they can save homeowners a lot of money in energy costs. Some customers enjoy up to a 35% cut in utility bills. Insurance premiums also can drop by up to 25%. Burglars don’t stand a chance because the glass is virtually impenetrable. Other benefits include noticeable indoor noise reduction and less fading of interior carpets and upholstery because UV rays are blocked. The renovation project increases curb appeal and home value.

Clearly, in Boca Raton hurricane windows and doors from LockTight are the wisest choice for safety during a major storm and the best way to save money. With more than half a century in the industry, we are a respected leader, manufacturing in Florida and serving the world. Our professional customer representatives and knowledgeable installations team can upgrade your home upgrade your home with unparalleled service, state-of-the-art design, exemplary quality and the most competitive pricing. We offer complete financing plans, no downpayment and deferred monthly payments. Trust LockTight’s credibility and business sense with your next major home renovation.