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Advantages of Switching to Impact Windows and Doors

What are Impact Windows and Doors

Home protection is becoming safer and more efficient as technology continues to advance. One of the main ways people are choosing to protect themselves from multiple threats is with impact windows and doors. This specific product was made to resist shattering when struck. As well as withstanding some of the most extreme weather elements. There are two main materials used when manufacturing these windows and doors, these being vinyl and aluminum.

The vinyl option combines thermal efficiency with strength and storm protection. It includes a multi-chambered profile that traps air and reduces the transfer of heat or cold air from entering or exiting your home. One of the most appealing features with vinyl is that it is low maintenance and can last a lifetime. 

If vinyl isn’t what you are looking for, there is the aluminum option. Aluminum is known to be a strong and flexible material. This material can be manipulated in any way. This means, you can go for a more simplistic look, or opt for an elaborate system with the same amount of protection.  

Either material you decide upon, they are paired with impact-resistant glass. Also including a special silicone glazing process for optimal quality and integrity. Below, we will discuss some of the most appealing reasons why you should install impact windows and doors in your home.  

Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors:

Hurricane Protection

One of the main reasons homeowners make the decision to switch from traditional windows and doors to impact, is protection from hurricanes and weather conditions. Especially in South Florida or coastal areas, the market for this product has skyrocketed. They are designed to resist shattering from strong winds and debris that come from extreme weather. Not only does it protect from outside forces during storms, they also eliminate the noise from these natural disasters.  

There are different levels of impact glass depending on the amount of protection you need. Do not fret, these impact windows and doors deliver protection while maintaining a stylish design to complement any home. 

Energy Savings

The second advantage of impact windows and doors is the energy efficiency they guarantee. This product can save you money each month by reducing the amount of heat or cool air that may enter, or escape your home with traditional windows and doors. Not only are they energy efficient, but according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they are environmentally conscious and recommended for all homeowners. 

Making the transition can save you anywhere from 20 – 30% on your energy bill. This translates to less Carbon Dioxide released, which is what makes this product environmentally conscious. 

Noise Reduction

Another great perk that these protective windows and doors offer is noise reduction. If you live near busy streets or interstates, the noise can sometimes be unbearable. If you live in Florida and experience many hurricanes and tropical storms, the noises from these storms can be frightening for children and pets. With impact windows and doors, you can enjoy a quieter home with a decrease in external noise by as much as 40%. 

Burglar Resistant

Homeowners are spending $30 – $90 plus a month on security systems to keep their families safe from potential home invasions. However, with impact windows and doors, it makes it nearly impossible for someone to break into your home. These products contain two layers of impact resistant glass, as well as shatter-proof polyvinyl material to reduce any effort of shattering. This technology creates an additional barrier for potential break ins.

Save money on expensive monthly bills for home security systems and cameras by making the switch to impact windows and doors. 

Insurance Savings

Another great way that installing impact windows and doors can save you money is by reducing homeowner’s insurance. According to Florida Statute 627.0629(1), It is the intent of the Legislature that insurers provide savings to consumers who install or implement windstorm damage mitigation techniques, alterations, or solutions to their properties to prevent windstorm losses. This means, you are eligible for annual discounts. Also including credits or other rate differentials when choosing to invest in impact windows and doors for your home. 

Customers can save an average of 25% off of their homeowners insurance policies. 

Increase Property Value

When homeowners switch to impact windows and doors, it increases your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Curb appeal is how people see your home from the outside, and the attractive qualities it possesses. When home buyers are looking for their next home, the first impression comes from the exterior. This product is not only protective but the design is only limited by your imagination. 

They can be designed to enhance your home in the most aesthetically pleasing way to match your creative style. This investment also adds value to your home when you choose to sell, in turn, making you money in the long run.       

Why Impact Windows and Doors?

After reading through all of the benefits that come from switching your ordinary windows and doors to impact, what more can you ask for? They increase protection, value and the overall look of your home. If you are ready to make the investment to enhance the efficiency of your home, contact LockTight. At LockTight, we are partnered with leading impact window and door manufacturers to bring you the highest quality product with the easiest and stress free installation process.


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